Master Your NEET PG & INICET Preparation

With Comprehensive study tracking, subject progression tracking, and structured planning - all in one FREE platform.

Subject-wise Progress Tracking

  • • Track topic completion progress across all subjects
  • • The topic list is mainly created from Marrow Qbanks
  • • Track topics, related qbanks and number of times you have revised the topic.
  • • Easily keep track of what you have studied and what requires a revision.

Comprehensive Study Tracking

  • • Track how much you studied daily. Track wheather you only studied or did QBanks or Revision
  • • Get a score based on what you studied, for how long. Qbank and Revision gives you higher score
  • • Self evaluate yourself, try to beat or atleast maintain previous day score

Grand Test Analytics

  • • Track your Grand test scores over time.
  • • After giving a GT log how many you got correct and wrong
  • • Score calculation is based on Neet PG pattern.
  • • Visualize performance trends over time. How many questions you are getting right, wrong or skipping over the period of your preparation phase.

Your Path to Success: 4-Phase Approach (Example, your routine should vary)

Phase 1: Foundation (150 days)

  • Complete initial study and QBank
  • Create comprehensive notes
  • Implement 3-step revision strategy on day 1, day 3 and after finishing the next subject.
  • Give GT every 15 days

Phase 2: Consolidation (90 days)

  • First grand revision
  • Take regular Grand Tests (Every 6 days)
  • Complete subject-wise tests
  • Review bookmarked qbank (Bookmark Purge)

Phase 3: Integration (60 days)

  • Second quick revision
  • Continue Grand Tests do custom modules (GT every 4 days)
  • Thorough review and bookmark purge (Qbank)
  • Mark notes for faster review

Phase 4: Mastery (Until exam)

  • Daily Grand Tests and custom modules
  • Continuous note updates and review
  • Final comprehensive revision
  • Achieve peak performance

Why Choose PGPrep?

Data-Driven Insights

Visualize your progress with dynamic graphs and detailed analytics, helping you make informed decisions about your study strategy.

Holistic Approach

From daily study tracking to Grand Test performance and subject-wise progress, PGPrep covers all aspects of your NEET PG preparation.

Flexible and Customizable

Adapt the platform to your unique study style and schedule, with customizable scoring and progress tracking.

Compete against time and yourself

It just takes the burden of remembering which topics you have studied from your head. Push yourself harder, complete with yourself for a better marks daily.